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Exciting Partnership Unveiled: Fitzwilliam Mortgage Teams Up with Mortgage West Brokers Inc.

The principals behind Fitzwilliam Mortgage Corporation, John Woods and Caroline Roach, are thrilled to announce a new path in their journey. They have officially entered into a Co-Brokering Agreement with Mortgage West Brokers Inc., ushering in an enhanced value for both entities. Operating under the banner of "The Mortgage Centre, Fitzwilliam Mortgage, powered by Mortgage West," this collaboration promises expanded possibilities and enhanced services for clients.

This strategic partnership unlocks a broader spectrum of lenders for the mortgage brokers at Fitzwilliam Mortgage. Consequently, clients, whether embarking on a new purchase, renewing existing mortgages, or refinancing, can now access an even wider array of options. Importantly, Fitzwilliam Mortgage can extend its financial assistance to clients in Alberta through its newfound relationship with Mortgage West.

Teague Brinkworth, the principal behind Mortgage West Brokers Inc., extends a warm welcome to Fitzwilliam Mortgage. "Mortgage West is excited to have Fitzwilliam Mortgage partner with us and the other branches to bring more value to the client and consumer. I'm reminded of the quote: 'The whole is greater than the sum of its parts - Aristotle.' By showing up with their own unique styles, skills, and motivations, Fitzwilliam Mortgage will be an integral part of the culture."

Caroline Roach reassures clients that the essence of Fitzwilliam Mortgage's service remains unchanged. "None of this will change the way we serve our clients, both new and old," she emphasized. "We are still guided by the principle that it is our job to educate clients so they are empowered to make the best-informed decisions when choosing their mortgage. We just now have a bigger field from which to bring forth appropriate options for our clients."

This partnership marks a significant milestone for both Fitzwilliam Mortgage and Mortgage West Brokers Inc., reflecting a commitment to providing exceptional mortgage solutions and reinforcing their dedication to client empowerment.


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